How to Fix Tata Sky Pairing Error ? (TATA Sky set-top box Error 14 Solved)

How to Fix Tata Sky Pairing Error ? (TATA Sky set-top box Error 14 Solved)

Tata Sky Paising Error 14: Hello friend, Are you a Tata Sky user and facing the paring error? Then you have landed in the correct blog post. Here in this post, we provide you a complete guide on how to solve the Tata sky pairing error?  This problem in TATA sky set-top box is very common and this can be fixed by some following steps by yourself without spending any money by calling a Service Engineer.

Tata Sky Pairing Error
Tata Sky Pairing Error

Tata Sky is one of the leading DTH services in India and it has many advanced features for its users. It also provides many offers for its customers. If the error still continues then you have to contact the TATA sky Mobile Number (RMN).  Customer Care Number: 9040590405 or 18002086633. Okay, let's look at the steps to fix the TATA Sky pairing error on your set of boxes.

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What is the TATA Sky Set of Box?

Tata Sky is the leading pay-TV and OTT video streaming service provider. This offers more than 600+ channels on the DTH service and it is used by more than 17 million users across India. Using the Tata sky mobile app you can easily manage your account packages and subscriptions. Use the Tata sky mobile app on 2 devices at the same time with the same DTH connection. 

The Tata sky pairing error is one of the common error happened in our set of the box which you can solve with the customer care but before calling customer care you can try the below methods and try to solve it by yourself. Read the all methods and do the steps to solve the error.

Benefits of Using Tata Sky DTH (Set-top box)

  • The Tata Sky has recently launched an android set-top box which is called Tata sky Binge+. 
  • This set-top box is powered by Android TV and it supports all the android features like Google assistance voice search and access to the Google play store app. 
tata sky features
  • The Tata sky provides 30 days trial subscription service.
  • The set-top box also comes with the recorder so you can record the live shows and watch them once you get the free time.
  • It comes with 2GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage so you can use and play games from the Google play store easily.
  • The Catch-up feature in the Tata Sky will help you to watch TV shows for up to 7 days.
These are all the main features of the Tata Sky set-top box try all its features and follow the below steps to solve the error.

Methods to Solve Tata Sky Pairing Error:

  1. Cleaning the TATA sky Digi copper card.
  2. Refreshing the TATA sky set-top box.
  3. Reset the setup box.

The most common reason for pairing error is due to recharging is not done over a long period so that the set-top box is deactivated. When the recharge is done mostly it will work or it shows “This is the wrong card for this set-top box (pairing error)” but you are using the same Digi card.

Cleaning the TATA sky Digi Copper Card:

  • Remove the Digi copper card at the backside of the TATA sky set-top box.
  • Clean it gently using a dry cotton cloth.
  • Replace the Digi card from where it is removed.
  • Then check out whether it is working or not, if still, it shows the error then try out the next solution.

Refreshing the TATA sky set-top box:

It can be done by two methods, 

First Method:

Download the TATA sky official app from the play store and sign-in account to your registered mobile number.

Click on the contact us option and choose service not available and then refresh it.

Make sure that your set-top box should be switched ON while doing “heavy refresh”. wait for around 20-30 Minutes.

Second Method:

You can give missed call to the above mentioned customer care number (9040590405) from your registered mobile number.

Wait for the refreshing process, your TV should be switched ON during refreshing.

By this, the pairing error can be fixed.

Reset the Set-TopBox:

  • You should not do the Master reset option if you don’t have enough knowledge about the resetting option.
  • Go to Settings Menu from your set-top box remote.
  • Choose Reset setting.
  • Click on the Master Reset option.
  • Wait for few minutes until the set-top box to reset, surely the problem may fix.
  • If it is still not working you should definitely call the TATA sky customer care helpline number.

They may help to guide you to fix the pairing error problem with some steps in the set-top box remote or they may send a technician to your home.

Final Words:

These are all the main methods to fix the Tata sky pairing error 14, Hope this guide will help you to solve your doubts. If you have any issues please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit. 

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