How to change Download Settings on Disney plus Hotstar

How to change Download Settings on Disney plus Hotstar

Download Settings on Disney plus Hotstar: Disney plus Hotstar is a great streaming application that entertains you with its extensive content library. This on-demand video platform contains lots of exclusive content and lives to stream. The Content in Disney plus Hotstar cannot be restricted to a specific language; you can watch videos on the app in multiple languages like English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and more. Disney plus Hotstar allows you to download selective videos on the app itself to watch it offline and ad-free. In this post, you will learn how to change the download settings on Disney plus Hotstar.

How to change Download Settings on Disney plus Hotstar
 How to change Download Settings on Disney plus Hotstar

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Here’s how to download videos on Disney plus Hotstar to watch them Offline:

Step 1: First of all, you have to make sure that your device is connected to an internet connection on either cellular data or Wi-Fi.
Step 2:  Open Disney plus Hotstar app on your device. If you have not yet logged into the app, please do so first.
Step 3: Select or find TV shows or movies that you want to download on the app. Click on that video to open the details page. You can only see details of the video if your device is portrait-oriented, so turn it now if it is landscape orientation.
Step 4: Now, you need to check whether the video is available for download or not. You will see a small arrow pointing down and the word download on the details page. If the video cannot be downloaded, the arrow will be crossed out.
Step 5: Unfortunately, if the video is not available for download, there is no other official way to download it. If it is available, then click on the down arrow mark to begin the downloading process.
Step 6: Now, it will show three different options that display the download quality along with file size. Click on the option you want. It will begin the downloading.

Disney plus Hotstar to watch them Offline
 Disney plus Hotstar to watch them Offline

Step 7: Disney plus Hotstar will notify you when the video is fully downloaded. Now, go back to the main interface of the app in order to watch the downloaded video. 
Step 8: Click on the Menu icon or three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the screen and then select downloads. Click on the video to begin streaming. That’s it. 

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Disney plus Hotstar offline by downloading:

You can watch selected content of Disney plus Hotstar offline by downloading that content on the app. There is another benefit to downloading the video, which is that it does not contain any ads. You can watch and enjoy the video without any interruptions. Keep in mind that the files you download can only be viewed using Disney+ Hotstar app, and the video cannot be shared or transferred to other devices. Many people have doubts whether it is possible to download premium content of Disney plus Hotstar. The answer to this doubt is definitely yes, you can download it but with some limitations. You can download the premium content only once and it will be expired within seven days of downloading and within 48 hours of you start watching.

How to save downloadable videos to SD card on Disney+ Hotstar:

Disney+ Hotstar application settings do not yet have the option to download videos on the device’s external storage like an SD card. You can only save the downloaded videos of the app on your device’s internal storage. Downloaded videos can only be accessed through the Disney+ Hotstar application and you won’t play that video on any other application. You cannot find them even in your internal storage and copy or share them with another device. This is to protect the copyright of the content on Disney+ Hotstar and to prevent piracy. 

videos to SD card on Disney+ Hotstar
 downloadable videos to SD card on Disney+ Hotstar

All the contents of Hotstar are protected by DRM or Digital Rights Management, meaning it cannot be copied, modified, or altered in any form or way. The only reason premium content does not work in incognito mode in browsers is because of DRM. So, if you have an issue streaming Disney+ Hotstar content in incognito mode, then switch your browser to normal mode.

How to change language settings in the Disney+ Hotstar app:

You can easily change the language of your favorite movies or shows and enjoy them in your own language. Let’s see how

  • First, locate the movie or show which you wish to watch.
  • Tap on it to play the video.
  • From the video player, click on the Settings icon at top of the screen.
  • It will show two options Video Quality and audio language. You need to choose the ‘Audio language’ option.
change the language of   Disney plus Hotstar
change the language of  Disney plus Hotstar
  • This will display a list of the languages in which the video you selected is available.
  • Click on your preferred language. As soon as you select the language it will be changed on that particular video.
  • This option is usually available for sporting events, and it is often helpful for users to change the commentary language to their liking.

If you used to watch Disney plus Hotstar on your PC through its web version, you can see the settings icon at the bottom of your screen, and then you can do the same steps we mentioned above to change the language.

How to change the language of the subtitle on Disney plus Hotstar:

Disney plus Hotstar also gives you the ability to add the subtitles or change the language of the subtitle for a video. You can do this so by tapping on the subtitles button on the video player. For that, first, play the video you wish to watch with subtitles. If the subtitle is available for that video, you can see the subtitles icon at the bottom of the screen while playing the video. Just click on it and choose any language from the list available there. However, most Indian movies and shows are only available with English subtitles.

How to change the language of the subtitle on Disney plus Hotstar
 language of the subtitle on Disney plus Hotstar

Additionally, you may notice that the web interface lacks certain features, unlike mobile applications. This is often part of corporate policy in an effort to push web users into mobile applications to provide the best results for end-to-end user experience. So if you are a web user who wants to switch to the Disney plus Hotstar app, you can download the Disney+ Hotstar app on Google Play and App Store.

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