How to Get 1-year subscription for Disney + Hotstar VIP on Jio Network?

How to Get 1-year subscription for Disney + Hotstar VIP on Jio Network?

Disney Hotstar VIP offer for Jio: Hi friend, Did you know that Reliance JIO announced it's Disney + Hotstar offer a few days after it was teased on social media and the My JIO app? The telecommunications operator will offer Disney + Hotstar VIP one-year subscription to all those who recharge their tariff at Rs. 401, Rs. 2,599 project, Rs. 612 Data Voucher, and Rs. 1208 provides data vouchers. In particular, the Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription is limited to Rs. 399 Right now, so basically, you can get any of these programs for free. The reason is that a free subscription is provided on top of the regular plan-specific benefits. Jio always provides many offers to attract their customers. Hotstar VIP free offer is one of the best offers provided by Jio because of this offer many people started using Hotstar for watching IPL and TV shows easily. Okay, let's look for more details about this offer.

Get Hotstar VIP Free Using Jio
Get Hotstar VIP Free Using Jio

The Jio provides the details of the offer on social media. However, it was the first telecom operator to introduce such an offer in April. Airtel introduced a false similar offer and embraced failure. That's why it offers Disney + Hotstar VIP One Year Free for Rs. 401 Recharge Plan. JIO's offer is the opposite of Airtel.

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How to Get Free Disney + Hotstar VIP in Jio?

Disney hotstar vip jio offer

  • The process will be much easier. You need to recharge your JIO account with one of the offer-specific recharge plans included.
  • Rs. 401 monthly recharge plan and Rs. 2,599-year recharge plan is found.
  • Also, the Disney + Hotstar offer is available for Rs 612 and 1208 data vouchers that add 4G data to your account.
  • You can recharge your JIO account by selecting one of the above options.
  • Next time you complete the recharge process, you can activate the free one-year subscription of Disney + Hotstar VIP.
  • To continue using Disney + Hotstar VIP, you should note that it is important to keep your JIO account active with the basic recharge plan.
  • It is unfortunate that the offer, as mentioned, is only valid for prepaid users.
  • Not only that but it is not clear how long it will be available.
  • All you have to remember is that JIO is offering a free VIP subscription to Disney + Hotstar. And this is not a premium subscription.
  • Also included in the Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription are local language dubs and Hotstar specials for Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney movies, child content, live slots, and more.

What Are the Benefits for the JIO Users on Hotstar?

Rs. 401 and Rs. 2,588 recharge plans, both of which are brand new. Aside from the one-year free Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription, it also has many benefits. 

The 401 Rs JIO Recharge plan offers 3GB of high-speed data per day, 6GB of additional high-speed data, JIO-to-JIO unlimited calls, JIO-to-landline unlimited calls, 1000 minutes per JIO-to-other mobile, and 100 SMS per day. Subscriptions of JIO applications are also provided for free. Also, the recharge plan is valid for just 28 days. 

In addition, Rs. 2,588 recharge plan, 2GB high-speed data per day, 10GB extra high-speed data, JIO-to-JIO unlimited calls, JIO-to-landline unlimited calls, JIO-to-1000 minutes other mobile and 100 SMS per day. The same Rs. 401 plan, JIO Apps subscription, and valid for 365 days with a 2,588 plan and many more features.

Check the latest updated Jio rechange plan price and offer on Hotstar VIP.

What are The Benefits of the Jio Hotstar Data Voucher?

As mentioned, if you do not like the recharge plan and need extra data for the app, you will be charged Rs. 612 or Rs.1,208  You can get data vouchers and one year of Disney + Hotstar VIP for free. And Rs. 

612 JIO data voucher offers a total of 72GB of high-speed data and 6000 minutes for JIO-to-other mobile calls. As for the voucher, your basic plan is still valid. 

The 1,208 Rs JIO data voucher contains a total of 240GB of high-speed data. It is also valid for 240 days. Choose any of the above plans

Final Words:

We hope that you find all the information you need in this article. And we hope that through this article you will have clarity of the Jio offer without any confusion about which plans you are choosing.  Disney + Hotstar offers through JIO Make use of this offer and share your experience with us. Thanks for your visit and follow this blog to get more Hotstar related updates and news.

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