Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix (Which is the Best Platform)

Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix (Which is the Best Platform)

Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix: Which is the Best Platform to watch Online: As we all know, Disney plus Hotstar and Netflix both are streaming applications that come with a lot and lots of content to entertain you. You may be wondering which of these two streaming sites is better to download on your device. Let me compare these applications with one another in each and every aspect.

Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix
 Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix

What is Disney plus Hotstar?

Disney plus Hotstar is an Over-the-top (OTT) platform that offers popular and latest movies, live star networks and other channels, live sports, Disney+ originals, Kids' content, Web Series, Documentaries, and more.

What is Netflix:

Netflix, the most popular streaming platform in the world, has been in India for a few years now, and it is growing strongly. The range of content offered by Netflix is very popular among the leading topics, as they contain some of the most expensive programs.                             

What Disney+ Hotstar have:

Disney plus Hotstar contains a huge variety of contents like Bollywood, Universe and regional Movies, Shows, Cartoons, Disney+ movies, originals, and more in multiple languages. This lets you enjoy your favorite content in your own language. 

What kind of content can you watch on Netflix:

Netflix comes with a generous content library that includes both TV shows and movies and it will give more focus on original productions. You can watch acclaimed dramas like The Queen’s Gambit, Narcos, The Crown, The witcher, and comedy shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie, and BoJack Horseman and more and more contents are waiting for you to entertain.

Disney plus Hotstar Vs Netflix :

Disney plus Hotstar:

Features of Netflix
Features of Netflix Netflix always kept you updated with the latest TV shows and movies all the time.
Features of NetflixThis service has a customized referral technology that determines what topics appear on your Netflix homepage, is one of the most advanced in the industry.
Features of NetflixOne thing that everyone associates with Netflix is extreme care. One way Netflix makes it easier to see more is with a list of Continue Watching
Features of Netflix Netflix is called a ‘Streaming service’ because movies and shows are streamed on your device via the internet. But you can also watch the content of Netflix without an internet connection by downloading it on your device
Features of NetflixWhen you open Netflix, you see a selection of topics you have seen recently, or Netflix will show you the titles it thinks you like
Features of NetflixYou can use Netflix content on Smart TV, Gaming consoles, Android phone, Windows iOS devices, and tablets
Features of Netflix you are watching Netflix on Windows, you can use shortcut keys to pause, forward, rewind, full-screen mode, modify the volume, etc on videos
Features of Netflix Netflix provides subtitle and title tracks for each show and movie and moreover, most topics are available in multiple languages
Features of NetflixThis streaming service lets you choose the language of your account at any time when you want to use Netflix in another language.

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Features of Disney plus Hotstar
Features of Disney plus HotstarThe User Interface of Disney plus Hotstar is very simple and easy to use. So that any age people can easily stream the content on the app without any difficulties
Features of Disney plus HotstarYou can watch each and every episode of all the latest, popular, and also old TV series.
Features of Disney plus HotstarDisney plus Hotstar allow you to choose the quality of the content which you stream on the app.
Features of Disney plus HotstarYou can also choose the quality of the video you want to download on the app from high, medium, and low. This feature of the app allows you to download videos even on a bad internet connection.
Features of Disney plus HotstarDisney plus Hotstar has a separate category or section for news, which lets you watch live news channels of different countries like India, the US, and Canada.
Features of Disney plus HotstarYou are allowed to watch all-star network TV channels and some other channels in life.
Features of Disney plus HotstarOn Disney plus Hotstar, you could discover lots and lots of popular movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and more different categories.
Features of Disney plus HotstarYou can enjoy the content of Disney plus Hotstar in more than 16 Indian regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and etc.
Features of Disney plus HotstarDisney plus Hotstar has a well-optimized search option so that you can easily search for your favorite shows, movies, and others.
Features of Disney plus HotstarThe app will give you some suggestions for movies, shows, and more based on your watching history so that you won’t miss your favorites.
Features of Disney plus HotstarYou can find a lot of categories like live news, popular premium movies, killer thriller, best in sports, drama fever and etc. on Disney plus Hotstar home page.

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How Much Does it Cost:

Disney plus Hotstar has three main subscription plans basic tier, VIP, and Premium. The basic tier is available for free and it is an ad-supported version, VIP has been subscribed for annually and a premium plan is available for subscriptions both annually and monthly.  

  • Disney plus Hotstar VIP costs Rs.399 per year. This plan offers Exclusive Hotstar specials, Dubbed version of Disney+ shows, Seven Multiples Blockbusters, Kids Content Live Sports like IPL, Formula One, and more in your language. Moreover, you can watch the latest episodes of all-star TV channels at 6 am every day without waiting for its premiere on TV.
  • The premium plans of Disney plus Hotstar are priced at Rs.299 per month and Rs.1499 per year. You can watch all the VIP content in this subscription also. Apart from that, you can get rid off of ads, and also you are allowed to watch Disney+ Movies, Kids Shows & Movies, and Hollywood Movies in dubbed language as well as in English with Full HD (1080p). Moreover, you can stream Disney+ Hotstar premium or any content on two screens at the same time within a single subscription if you are a premium user.

Coming to Netflix:

 has four different subscription plans. These plans are varies depending on the device which you used to stream Netflix. Let me list out those plans:

Rs.199 Mobile Plan: 

  • This plan is only for Smartphones and tablets, which gives you unlimited access to movies and TV shows.

Rs.499 Basic plan: 

  • This basic plan of Netflix lets you stream unlimited movies and TV Shows on smartphones as well as PCs.

Rs.649 Standard plan: 

  • When you update your with this standard plan, you can stream all the content of Netflix in HD, and also you can stream Netflix on two screens simultaneously in one account.

Rs.799 Premium Plan: 

  • This plan gives you access to ultra HD content and you stream different content on four screens at the same time.

Which should I choose?

After reading this article, you come to know that these two are not inferior to each other when compared to one another. So it is hard to choose any one platform. Disney plus Hotstar has a better library of content in most of the regional languages and English. Netflix offers the best original shows and movies from all around the world. 

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