How to Change/Upgrade Hotstar VIP to Premium? - Switch Subscription Plan

How to Change/Upgrade Hotstar VIP to Premium? - Switch Subscription Plan

Change Hotstar VIP to Premium: Hello everyone. Do you want to know how to transfer Hotstar VIP to Premium on your device? Then you have selected the correct article. Disney + Hotstar delivers great video streaming content in various categories like TV, web series, Movies and etc. This app is available for most devices from streaming dongles such as your Smart TV, Smartphone, and Fire TV Stick. Disney + Hotstar Not only all the content of Disney but also sports broadcasts in India like IPL and numerous Hollywood movies and TV shows are available on this platform. You can get many online streaming services like Hotstar on the internet but this is one of the top OTT platforms with very satisfying content. Okay, let's look at more details about Hotstar VIP and Hotstar premium plans.

How to Change Hotstar VIP to Premium
How to Change Hotstar VIP to Premium

Disney Plus Hotstar App:

Hotstar is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming service platform owned by Star India. It has now become the full owner of The Walt Disney Company. Hotstar offers some free content, such as star channels, including news channels. Also, it is seen with advertisements like TV. Hotstar also has paid subscription plans with exclusive content such as Hotstar-VIP and Hotstar-Premium. These Paid subscription plans help you access the ad-free experience with high-quality content in various languages. Here we explain to you more about these two paid Hotstar plans.

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Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan:

The Hotstar VIP plan is found to be very cheap at almost a third of the premium plan. All sports content and other Indian content can only be accessed. Hotstar is now known as Disney + Hotstar from April 3, 2020. The new Hotstar plans are now available at Disney + Hotstar VIP at a previous cost of 365 to 399 / year.

The Rs 399 / year plan offers content such as live games, Indian TV shows, Indian movies, Hotstar specials, Disney + content in dubbed languages only. Hotstar VIP does not offer the benefits of multiple views. It allows streaming quality up to 720p. If you want to watch IPL, you better go for the cheap Hotstar VIP option. Because it gives you access to all live games including cricket.

Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription Plan

The Hotstar Premium plan seems to be the most expensive. This plan allows you to access all content on Hotstar, including Hollywood content. Disney + Hotstar premiums range from Rs 299/ month to 1499 / year. If you already have a subscription, the new fees are set to apply at the time of renewal. You can upgrade from a VIP plan to a premium plan at any time by paying a different amount. Price Rs 1499 / year program offers live games, Indian TV shows, Indian movies, Hotstar specials, Disney + content in original English and dubbed language, American TV shows, Hollywood movies. Hotstar Premium allows you to enjoy access to 2 devices simultaneously. It allows streaming quality up to 1080p.

Disney Hotstar VIP Vs Premium

Be the first to know about Hotstar VIP and Premium plans. In both ads, personalized ads are mostly ad-free. The option to change the plan is available. That means you can upgrade to a premium by paying the difference amount at any time.

change hotstar VIP to Premium

Content - Not available on Hotstar VIP

With the Hotstar VIP program, you can get all the game content and Indian content movies and TV shows. Also Disney + content is only available in dubbed languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. But you can't get all the international and Hollywood content available only on the Hotstar Premium plan. Hotstar Premium has a large library of English TV shows and Hollywood movies. You will not be able to enjoy it if you are a VIP member.

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Change Hotstar VIP to Premium Subscription Plan

We have already mentioned above that users can upgrade from Disney + Hotstar VIP to Disney + Hotstar Premium per year by paying the difference. You can do this from your account in supported utility versions. In which you can only improve your projects. So you can upgrade from Disney + Hotstar VIP to Disney + Hotstar Premium. There is no other way for this. The only exception is if you have a Disney + Hotstar premium monthly plan purchased via iTunes. The sad news is that users who purchase affiliate vouchers will not be able to upgrade the plan. However, the good news is that they can buy a new Disney + Hotstar premium plan. Just open the settings and subscription plan there you can choose the premium plan and pay the difference amount on your current plan period. This is how you can easily change Hotstar VIP to Premium. 


Coming to VIP, even if you pay 399 a year you will see ads on it. This is something that is very unacceptable. Everyone wants a non-advertising environment when you pay for the service. But there are no ads on the Disney + Hotstar premium plan. Now you decide to change Hotstar VIP to Premium. So we hope this article will help you switch from Hotstar VIP to Premium.

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